The influence of technological innovations is continuously changing industries. In healthcare, technology plays a significant role in almost all medical processes. From digitalized health records, telehealth, remote monitoring, and more, all of which have been a great advantage for patient care, access, quality, and efficiency. 

Today, healthcare technological advancements led to the possibility of services outside hospitals and clinics’ confines, integrating them with accessible devices. People can now have the option to undergo full consultation in the privacy of their own homes.

Telemedicine has changed the medical landscape as practitioners and patients alike stand to gain from its many benefits. Conducting remote patient care using telemedicine technology in place of in-person visits can have an upside impact on your healthcare practice. Here are a few of its benefits.

Increased Revenue

Telemedicine works the same way as in-person consultations but without being in the same room. It is beneficial for providers to see more patients each day without having to work longer hours. They can also bill uncompensated phone calls and extend hours to capture more billable time.

As payers often reimburse telemedicine services, it can significantly increase revenue without the need to add providers, office staff, or additional space for an office. Also, video-visits reduce the last-minute cancellations, ensuring that time is spent and used to its best advantage.


With telemedicine, health care is convenient as it is possible virtually anywhere, at any time. It includes phone calls, video conferences, emails, and even text messages. Hence, providers can work from home, see patients outside of office hours or even on weekends without requiring the physical office for staff.

Improved Work and Life Balance

Telemedicine can be an alternative to ease the burden and strain on providers without sacrificing quality care for patients. They can tailor their schedule according to what fits their lifestyle. Even when away for travel, providers can provide patient care. Therefore, helping them maintain a healthier work and life balance.

Improving Patient Health Outcomes

Telemedicine can promote a better health outcome by making it easier for patients to comply with follow-up instructions or appointments via video. It can also increase engagement in lifestyle coaching, managing medication, and chronic conditions.

Employee Satisfaction

Aside from healthcare providers, telemedicine also offers benefits for medical office workers and staff. Because video visits remove the administrative burden of in-person visits, it makes them more efficient as they can focus on more important things. Office staff also appreciate the calmer and less crowded waiting rooms, protecting them from contracting an infectious illness. Satisfied employees can lead to a happy working environment without having to worry about concerns regarding problem employees.

Patient Loyalty

Patients will always look for convenient options for care, including video visits through on-demand services. They do so because of the flexibility, lower transportation costs, and no waiting time involved. By offering video consultations, patients get the convenience they want without sacrificing continuity of care.

Why offer telemedicine?

  • Telemedicine offers benefits that can transform your healthcare practice in ways that are beneficial for providers and patients – from driving up efficiency and revenue to providing patients better access to healthcare services.
  • In today’s healthcare world, convenience is a priority. More and more patients are looking for easy access and on-demand care that telemedicine can offer efficiently compared to in-person interactions.
  • Unlike in hospitals, telemedicine applications are low-cost to implement, and their cost is much less than traditional on-site visits. In the US, an on-site doctor’s office visit costs $100 – $200; additional costs may vary depending on the nature of the visit. On the other hand, telemedicine visits only cost about $79.
  • The use of telehealth services is continuously growing, especially with the on-going coronavirus pandemic. This surge was a result of limiting in-person appointments and people’s fear of contracting the virus. Medical professionals and health experts expect telehealth to remain in demand even after the pandemic.

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