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The growing demand for healthcare services in Florida has seen hospitals becoming crowded each day, making consultations with doctors much more difficult. Fortunately, modern technology has offered a solution for doctor-patient discussions. Using wireless communication, physicians can conduct telemedicine consultations, which allows them to provide remote clinical services, such as medical diagnosis and evaluation, in real-time. 

AI-Care Medical Group is a provider of innovative telemedicine solutions in the state of Florida. Our cutting-edge technology enabled us to provide personalized, high-quality healthcare services to patients that are both living in rural and urban communities. We also ensure that our patients are equipped with adequate information to keep them aware of their current condition and help them improve their overall health.

What Makes Telemedicine Consultations Different?

Telemedicine consultations work the same way as to the traditional way of visiting a doctor. However, a telemedicine consultation will not require a person to travel and queue to a nearby health center for a check-up. Instead, the physician will do the assessment via video conference call while the patient stays in the comfort of their home. Telemedicine services can also cut down healthcare costs for patients. Alternatively, telemedicine consultations can also be held on a local healthcare institution if the patient availed a specific insurance plan.

Telemedicine Services in Boca Raton, Florida

Patients living in Boca Raton, Florida, can enjoy the benefits of Ai-Care Medical Group’s telemedicine consultations by using our telehealth platform, GoTelecare. Designed to provide a state-of-the-art video conferencing system, GoTelecare can be used for:

  • Expert diagnosis & treatment for your entire family
  • Private medical consultations with complete confidentiality
  • FREE online sign-up through your local participating physician, healthcare facility, or on your own.

Telemedicine solutions provide disabled, elderly, or non-transferrable patients to have access to medical consultations without traveling. Our services can also offer access to medical specialists who are not located near a patient’s area, making a huge difference in quality and continuity of care for patients in remote or medically underserved areas.

Telemedicine consultations with GoTelecare can be accessed through any communication devices with cameras, such as smartphones, Ipad, and Android tablets. Desktop computers and laptops installed with a webcam can as well be used for consultations. 

A Secure Platform for Medical Specialists and Healthcare Providers

Our telehealth platform is also a useful tool for medical practitioners. On top of a secure and easy-to-use EMR system, GoTelecare helps our doctors cut down on their travel time and expenses, and make the scheduling of patient consultations more flexible as well. And since physicians can perform remote monitoring and assessments on their patients, they can work wherever they want – be it at the comfort of their home or office, as long as they are connected to the internet. 

Compared to other competitors, GoTelecare is capable of rendering healthcare services based on a wide range of medical fields and specialties. It will give the providers a rare opportunity to get in touch with a broad community of industry peers and physicians.

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Let us know if you are interested in giving our telemedicine solutions a try. Click this link and fill out the form. Rest assured that we will get back to you within 1-2 business days. 

Or call us at (561) 462-1799 to learn more about our telemedicine services. AI-Care Medical Group is looking forward to a meaningful discussion with you on how we can set up and elevate your telemedicine experience.


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