Telemedicine & Remote Patient Monitoring Questions and Answers
  • What is a telemedicine consultation?

    Telemedicine consultation is nothing but the delivery of health care services using technology which improves access to healthcare in rural and urban communities. It also allows you to have consultations with specialties that you might not have in your local facilities. Telemedicine consultation is also responsible for cutting down on your healthcare costs and also reduces your travel time and lets you have more time with family. Moreover, telemedicine consultation can minimize the complications of diseases by simply enhancing the screening and early diagnosis of most chronic diseases.

  • How does telemedicine work?

    Just like a regular visit to physician/PCP, telemedicine works in the same way. The only difference is that the health care provider will be talking to you via video conference call. The health care provider will have your information pre populated in front of him just as he would have in case of a regular office visit. Apart from the doctor having all your health care records in front him, you can also upload health care records or medical evidences from your end to the platform.

    Depending on the state and insurance plan that you are on you can either have a telehealth consultation at a local healthcare institution/provider office that offers telemedicine services or you can simply have a telehealth consultation from the convenience of your home.

  • Where can a telemedicine service be performed?

    You are required to be present at a remote site as this is required for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Medicare approved originating sites for telemedicine consultations are:

    • The office of a physician or practitioner;
    • Hospitals;
    • Critical Access Hospitals (CAH);
    • Rural Health Clinics (RHC);
    • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC);
    • Hospital-based or CAH-based Renal Dialysis Centers (including satellites);
    • Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF); and
    • Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC).

    You can choose a remote site located nearest to you from the list of remote facilities in our network. You can refer to our website for the list.

  • What is secure video conferencing?

    Unlike social media platforms like skype and facetime, our telehealth platform is 100% HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance ensures that all the date storage and management is done on a secure server and that we are on a Business Associate Agreement.

  • Can a doctor use their own EMR or do they have to use GoTelecare’s?

    Yes, the doctor utilizes their own EMR. Our platform can interact with any EMR/EHR which is HL7 compliant in order to transfer date.

  • What is the cost for patients?

    It’s $49 per visit, there is no membership or subscription required

  • What devices can be used for the service?

    Any smart phones, iPad, Android tablet, laptop, and any computer with a webcam.

  • What are the benefits of web-based EMR?

    The platform being web based makes its easier to use and user friendly. Users do not need to download any software in order to have a consultation. All you have to do is open up any browser and just type in and the platform will open up.

  • How is using GoTelecare advantageous to providers?

    • Flexible work hours
    • Work from anywhere
    • Get paid for afterhours patient calls
    • Low overhead costs- no need for expensive office space
    • Eliminate travel time and cost

  • Why would a provider use GT over another telehealth company?

    GoTelecare not only offers the state-of-the-art telehealth platform, but also offers both the patient and the doctor to work along side the insurance. Both the patients and the doctors gets to take the advantage of the Remote Patient Monitoring Devices.


Our comprehensive solution gives you expert consultations through a state-of-the-art secure video conferencing system.

Enough of us! Let’s get connected for a quick discussion on how we can elevate your telemedicine experience by working as a seamless operational extension.

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